yes, them again

If you know me personally or have been following my blog for a while you most likely know that I am a huge fan of Gogol Bordello.  They are basically my go to band any time I need to cheer up, or celebrate, or dance around, or just have some good tunes on.  Although they have a huge world following I actually know very few people personally (try like two) who even know who this band is, which always makes it feel a bit like they are my personal little secret.  Eugene Hütz who is the lead singer, is also a former East European dweller (he is Ukranian while I hail from Belarus) who migrated to North America.  He spent much more of his formative years in Ukraine and moved to the US, while I lived in Belarus only until the age of 9 and moved to Canada with my family.  Nevertheless, many of his songs are ones to which I can relate in that they deal with both the “outsider immigrant” and the “citizen of the world” ideas. I remember reading somewhere that one of their fans who was also an immigrant said that whenever he sees their shows he feels like he is home.  I get what he is saying.

I was listening to an album of theirs on the subway yesterday morning and started thinking about how I am so thankful that many moons ago my sister and I, totally by accident, happened to catch a story on Much Music’s The Wedge (Sook Yin Lee  was hosting just to give you an idea of the time line) about a “gypsy punk band” who had started making huge waves after performing a few songs with Madonna at the London Live Earth concert in 2007.  The introduction to the story alone piqued my interest and I have been a fan of theirs ever since.  And since I just found out that they have a new album coming out in 2013 I am more stoked than ever to see what they will come up with for the record.

As much as I love the music of this band, I also am very fascinated with its front man, and I would highly recommend watching Everything is Illuminated if you want to see his acting chops, but better yet, watch The Pied Piper Of Hützovina, a documentary which follows Hütz throughout Ukraine to trace both his own personal roots and the roots of the Roma music which has so influenced his style.  He is most definitely on my “Top 5 People I Would Like to Have Lunch With” list.

Here is a cover of a Russian song originally performed by Vladimir Vysotsky.  I included the English translation below (although it does not really do the beauty of the lyrics justice) and if you want to hear/see the original (it is oh so Russian) click here.

I should also mention that this song isn’t totally characteristic of their sound but this one and this one are!

When the water of the great flood

Return again within the boundaries of the shores

From the foam of the disappearing stream
Love has quietely crawled ashore
And dissipated in the air until the day
and there were many forties of the days until that dayAnd there still remain some weird people
That breath this mixture with their full chest
The don’t seek any rewards, nor punishment
And while they think that they are simply breathing
They suddenly enter the rhytm
Of the the same nervous breathingOnly I feel, that just like the ship
that should remain afloat for a long time
Before I know that I love
It will be the same as I breathe or live

There will be many travels and adventures
The country of love –it is a great country!
And it will ask more and more strictly of its knights
for challenges
It will ask for separation and great distances
It will deprive of the rest, sleep and peace

But it is impossible to turn around the mad
They are alredy ready to pay
Any price, and they even can give their life
So that the magic string is not torn and is preserved
That has been run between them

The fresh air was making chosen drunk
It was sweeping them off their feet and was raising dead
Because if you haven’t loved
Then you haven’t breathed and you haven’t lived

For many who has drowned in blood
You can’t call on them, no matter how much you yell
Their count is kept by rumors and empty words
And this count is mixed with blood
And we will put the candles at head their deathbeds
For those who dies from the love unseen

I wish their voices always mix in rhytm
And their souls will travel fields of flowers
And breath with eternity in one breath
And finally meet with sigh on their lips
On fragile ferries and bridges
On narrow intersections of world’s foundations

I will make the fields for those who are in love
Let them sing while they are asleep and while awake
I breath and this means I love
I love and this means I live


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