another movie-filled day

Yesterday was another super lazy Sunday here at the shanty.  The laundry remains dirty.  Some dishes are still in the sink. And an overall feeling of disarray settled into my apartment about which I have done nothing.  I did however watch a whole bunch of movies and ate a whole bunch of food.

Let’s take a look at what was on the bill.

The Campaign – meh

Greenberg – meh.  Although I think I now have a girl crush on Greta Gerwig.

First Position – good.

Safety Not Guaranteed – meh

Ruby Sparks – the best of the day.  Starts off cute and quirky, then turns pretty dark, and then back to some cuteness.

Wow…in retrospect I feel like I wasted my day but I was doing yoga through most of Safety Not Guaranteed so that’s something.


2 thoughts on “another movie-filled day

    • i had really high hopes but kind of just wasn’t into it all that much and caught myself being bored. I also find her to always play the same person. Her character is awesome in Parks and Rec but it’s like everything else she does it’s that same dead pan delivery it drives me nuts a little bit.

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