we all need goals

I am light years away from this kind of strength and flexibility, but this be inspirin’ yo!

Briohny Smyth for Equinox

And one of her and her hubby Dice Iida-Klein (beware the music is trés fromage).  The end is absolutely the sweetest.  Aaaaaw yoga love <3

-The Postliminary-

There is nothing quite like seeing your body change for the better and really feeling like you are doing all sorts of good stuff for it.  After doing the 30 Day Challenge I am so motivated to keep going purely based on how much better I feel overall.  Also, the new muscle definition certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Lastly, since I am not going to be biking during the winter I am thinking of getting a membership or doing classes somewhere in addition to the yoga just so I can have more aerobic/cardiovascular stuff.  I am now taking suggestions if anyone has any ideas.  Keep in mind that I already shell out a pretty penny for Moksha so this has to be on the lower end of the fee scale.


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