welcome to no(mo)vember

free downloadable desktop wallpaper calendar from Smashing Magazine

Check out more free November calendars from Smashing here.  I am a big fan of the one with the flying mustaches.

So here we are, November.

The month of Movember – you can read about me having dinner with the CEO of the foundation here.  Having met him in person made me care about the cause that much more.  If I could, I would definitely be growing out a sweet stache this month.

This is a month of fairly unpredictable weather here in SW Ontario so I am getting ready by having my rain boots, rain coat, winter boots, and winter coat ready to go.  Although I still hope for at least a few days of being able to ride my bike.

Here in Canada, November 11th marks Remembrance Day…I wrote some of my feelings down about the day here (written like a true cultural anthropology major).

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Night.  This is more of a Great Britain thing but maybe I’ll celebrate by re-watching V for Vendetta.  A great movie and one of the few roles in which I can handle Natalie Portman.  I am sure she is a sweet gal, but for some reason her acting in many of her movies irks me.

Other that that I suppose Christmas decorations will be up in no time and the shopping frenzy will begin.  This year I am having a super low key Christmas with my parents with hopefully zero presents so I am hoping I can avoid the masses altogether.

Oh and for our friends south of the border, November is also the time of Thanksgiving and (gulp) Black Friday.

No matter where you live, hope you all have a warm and lovely month of November!

Woman Reading by Will Barnet (1970)
This is how I will probably spend a good chunk of the month. Except with a black cat.


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