final push

I have 5 days left of the Moksha Yoga Challenge: to practice 25 days out of 30 beginning October 1st.  So far I have gone to the studio 20 days out of the 25 which has added up to 1335 minutes or 22.25 hours of yoga!  Yowza!

My plan is to go solid for the next 5 days but I am also not going to give myself a hard time if I miss a class.  The most important thing I think I have learned this time around is how important rest is.  Both on and off the mat.  When at first I tried to approach each class in the same “have to push myself” manner, my body protested, and loudly!  It is very hard for the ego to accept stillness and to let go of the running commentary of how you should look, how far you should be able to bend, how strong you should feel, how much better or worse you look than your neighbor, and so on.  So listening to the body and succumbing to taking it easy, even when it means lying down while everyone else is yoga-ing it full force around you, is a challenge in its own right and a lesson I definitely learned this time around.

I am pretty curious to see what will happen once this month is up.  Being part of the challenge and being able to put a little star beside my name for everyone to see at the end of every class, has definitely been a huge motivator.  I hope that I can keep up that motivation going forward.  I don’t know that I will continue going an average of 5 or 6 times per week but I certainly don’t want this to fall by the wayside and start making excuses to not go.  The good news is that last weekend I had a two day break and I actually was so excited to get back to the studio and my practice on Monday.  I really missed it!  Hopefully that will continue and I will look forward to each class instead of dreading it.  That seems to be key to sticking to pretty much anything in life.  Enjoyment.

Wish me luck!


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