day full o’ movies

Most of my day yesterday involved lying around watching movies.  It was a very lazy Sunday.  Or productive, if you choose to focus on how many films I crammed into one day.

One Week

Meh.  To be honest I was kind of bored most of the time, however the whole Canadiana aspect is pretty great.  This country is so darn pretty!

Girl Model

Pretty good as far as documentaries go but super disturbing on so many levels.  The modelling industry has always struck me as being pretty sketchy, and this is no exception.  Probably the most interesting story is of Ashley, the model scout, who is a former model herself.  Something so terribly sad about her.

Ides of March

Really enjoyed this one.  Just the cast alone!  Phenomenal.


Definitely not your typical Jack Black film but a really great dark comedy nonetheless.  And the fact that this is based on a true story is pretty crazy.


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