over the hump

Well today is Day 19 of the Moksha 30 Day Challenge which I am currently doing.  To recap, the goal is to practice yoga 25 days out of the 30.  So far I have technically missed 4 days, however one was missed so I could do the one day sit at the Vipassana Centre so far as dedication to my personal well being goes, I think I can go ahead and count it towards the challenge.

The story so far…

First, I am tired.  Mentally and physically I am pretty exhausted.  I know it may not seem like much, but perhaps it is because I do hot yoga, but this daily practice can be quite draining.  I have been good, however, with not skimping on sleep and have been getting lots of rest.

Second, related to the first, I have been having all sorts of dreams which for me is fairly unusual.  I very rarely remember my dreams, but it seems like for the past week especially I have been waking up with all sorts of vivid dream memories.

Third, so thirsty.  I have been trying my darn hardest to stay hydrated but I feel like at any given time I could chug back a barrel of water.

Fourth, I was waiting for this to happen and on Wednesday night resistance veered its ugly head and my thought process became equivalent to a little kid sitting down in the middle of a grocery store aisle and refusing to move.  “I don’t want to go to any more classes.  Whose stupid idea was this anyway?!  Maybe this is all really bad for my joints and I should just stop!  Can’t I have one freaking day to just be lazy? That’s it I am done.  Screw it.  Forget putting in effort, forget about making time for it.  I quit!”  And I went to bed.  Wednesday was one of the four days I did not go to yoga…surprise.

Thursday I went to a class and meditated for a full hour at home.

The thing about having the little kid brat brain is that it is detrimental and it is silly.  It is ok to indulge it once in a while, but do it too often and you become it.  And no one wants to be a brat and no one wants to have a brat for a friend.  So listen to the bratty brain, give it a limited amount of sympathy, and then get up, dust yourself off, and get going.

Onward and upward!


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