Indie Alehouse Brewing Company

This weekend I checked out the Indie Alehouse, the new microbrewery in the Junction, located on Dundas just west of Keele.  This weekend was their soft opening, but it was already bustling with many eager beer drinkers.  Although I did not have anything to eat, their currently limited menu offered many enticing dishes, such as two takes on Mac and Cheese (this “classic” dish seems to have had quite a resurgence here in Toronto as of late), the Shrimp Po’ Boy, and pretty much all of their six pizzas options were tempting although being partial to mushrooms I probably would have gone with the Toadstool, which features Portobello, Oyster, Cremini, and Honey mushrooms with a garlic cream sauce.

Their partially open kitchen seems quite big so I am very curious to see what kind of food concoctions will be coming out of it once it is fully up and running.  Their website promises “a small selection of classics made slightly upscale, funky and fun along with a wide variety of specials to keep things fresh”.  Sounds good to me!

And now for the actual beer.  I won’t lie, it was really frigging good!  I am pretty terrible at describing beer but I know what I like and the five brews I tried were all pretty phenomenal.  Pumpkin Abbey, Red Tape Stout, Cock Puncher IPA, Jump the Shark, and Belgian Rye Pale Ale were all sampled by yours truly and I honestly can say that none were a disappointment.  There was also one called Spadina Monkey, a Belgian Raspberry Sour, that I was eager to try but decided to save something for my next visit.

The space will also include a retail location, which is currently under construction, but I am hoping the empty glass jugs I saw sitting up on some shelves are a promising sign of things to come.

Overall a really great experience.  I should also mention that the friendly staff as well as the loud-enough-but-not-so-loud-you-have-to-yell music made the experience that much better.  I definitely recommend a visit, or two, or three…

From Indie Alehouse site: To all the well-intentioned troublemakers and S%$t disturbers, the misfits, artists, computer ninjas, dreamers, beer-geeks, and good people seeking something better for the average person; Independent thinkers and drinkers, welcome to your new brewery. Welcome to the Indie Alehouse Brewing Company.



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