mo’ yoga, mo’ … something


Oh October!  A month of fall colors, squash, costumes, parties, turkeys, apple cider, scarves, and sometimes the pretty un-awesome cold rainy days.  Fall seems to be a pretty big hit with most people I know and I will say that after the very hot and sweaty summer we just went through in Toronto, I am pretty happy for the reprieve from hot weather.  Plus there is something very cozy and comforting about the fall, that is very unique to the season.

For many people, including myself, fall also means a lot less time outdoors, less time being active, and more time sitting around with food and drinks.  It seems that pretty much starting at Thanksgiving and ending sometime in mid-January this is a time of year where the pounds start piling on, the excuses are flying around like crazy, belt are loosened or replaced by elastic waistbands, and the overall winter blahs start settling in.  This is why I am trying to be proactive this year and starting today, the first of October, I am entering into the 30 Day Challenge at my yoga studio.  Unlike the “30 classes in 30 days” model I participated in twice at a different yoga studio, this time around the commitment is 25 classes in 30 days.  Still nothing to laugh at, but at least there is a bit of flexibility in terms of scheduling the classes into my life.

The last two challenges I did were both back when I was a university student and generally found it very easy to schedule yoga classes into my day.  Honestly, there was a point when getting to my daily class came above a lot of other things including lectures and studying.  I remember awkwardly trying to sneak out of lecture halls, my rolled up mat hitting people in the head, as I tried to squeeze past.  Not so subtle on my part.

So I am not sure what to expect this time around, but I think like with all commitments it is a matter of prioritization.  I am hoping that I will be able to put this first and get ‘er done!  The great thing about sticking to any sort of exercise is that it typically spills over in positive ways to other parts of your life.  No matter the physical activity, I find that when I am working out I tend to sleep more, eat better, and generally take better care of myself.  So with the major eating holidays and winter gloom right around the corner, I welcome this opportunity to stay active and hopefully not succumb to the potentially negative aspects of the changing seasons.

Although, you can still bet there will be some pumpkin pie and gravy in there somewhere…not in the same dish, I hope.


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