nuit blanche

Nuit Blanche is almost upon us here in Toronto (September 29, 7:03 pm to sunrise), and I for one, am super excited.  Mostly because this is the first year I have my old faithful companion (my bike) to help me out with getting around.  Walking is for chumps!  CHUMPS!  Just kidding.  Walking is fine, I won’t judge you.  However, I am hoping that with the help of a bike I will be more likely to see more areas of the city that are participating in the festival.  Last year was the first time I ever saw any of the exhibitions (yeah I know, kind of bad since I have lived in TO for five years) and I really loved it, but we definitely stuck to the downtown core and I couldn’t help but feel like I had missed out on other aspects of the night.

look at all this stuff to check out!

For those who are not familiar with this event, Nuit Blanche (literally translated to White Night) is an arts festival that takes place from sunset to sunrise throughout the city and includes galleries, installations, performance, music, you name it someone is probably doing it somewhere.  I have to say that this event really reminds me of the Summer Solstice celebration I was once “lucky” enough to witness in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Because the city is so far north, on the longest day of the year, they practically have no darkness.  So even in the deepest hours of the night it could be compared to twilight.  I say that I was “lucky” to witness it, because it was very neat to be surrounded by lots of revelers and see the huge street parties going on, however I had to wake up at 5am to catch a flight back to Canada so even trying to get a bit of sleep was absolutely impossible because of the noise.  Let’s just say that Russians know how to party, especially the young folks who were also celebrating their equivalent of prom on that night.

I don’t think that Nuit Blanche in Toronto gets quite as rowdy, but it is still a party of sorts nonetheless and I am very excited to witness it once more this year.  Just the contrast of late night hours with hordes of people swarming around the city core is something to take in on its own.  I remember being especially struck by the number of people walking around the Financial District at 1 in the morning last year.  Normally all you see down there at that time are tumbleweeds and drunken people who lost their way to da club.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good camera with which I can capture the night as it progresses, but I will try to take some photos on my iPhone and maybe do a follow up photo diary of blurry images and *hopefully* entertaining captions.

Are you planning to go?


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