an update

Last night I was sitting at the ol’ laundromat watching my socks go round and round when it occurred to me that I had not posted anything for a while on here.  It seems that this blog has been following a pattern of

flurry of activity–>nothing–>flurry of activity

which I am not particularly happy about but I suppose life sometimes gets in the way.  So what’s been going on over here?

– well laundry for one, duh, didn’t you read what I just wrote?!

– I have been really getting back into yoga (October is the 30 Day Challenge at my studio!  I will write a separate post about this)

– I am almost done Anna Karenina, and it makes me sad.  I really don’t want this book to end, and now that I am so caught up in the characters the idea of the inevitable tragic fate of …erm…one of them is almost too much to bear.  I am pretty sure there will be tears involved

– with this fall weather upon us I have been cookin’ up a storm.  First there was lentil/kale/apple stew, then vegan spinach dip for a potluck (it isn’t “fall” specific but I was trés proud of it!), and last night I made a cauliflower/potato/yogurt Indian-inspired concoction which was good, not great, but I have all fall and winter to work on it.  I am especially excited to experiment with pumpkin this year.  I already have recipes squirreled away for pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin soups, and many more.  PUMPKIN!

– I am very very close to booking my ticket to go see my sister in Taiwan at the beginning of 2013!  There is still some outstanding research that I need to get done, but everything is almost in place.  Squeeeee!

– and just so we are clear, I have also been spending quite a bit of time lounging around and being lazy.  I have been watching the 4th season of Parks and Recreation, old Seinfeld episodes, and over the weekend I watched Lola Versus (thanks JB for the recommendation), which I think is a pretty fabulous movie (trailer below).

I hope that you are all also having a busy and fun fall so far (it technically only began on the 22nd of September so no pressure, you have lots of time to make it great)!



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