the hobbit (squeeeeeeeee!)

I stayed up far too late on Sunday night watching the eight available behind the scenes video blogs Peter Jackson and crew have made so far as they scouted locations, built sets, created props, developed make-up and costumes, and actually filmed the film adaptation of  J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic book The Hobbit (the first in the series is below and you can find them all on YouTube).  I absolutely loved the film adaptations of Lord of the Rings and I am so so so so excited about The Hobbit.

Two things I had not realized about this film adaptation prior to watching these video blogs (vlogs?):

  1. There will actually be TWO movies.  One coming out in December 2012 titled An Unexpected Journey and the second one year later in December 2012 titled There and Back Again.  If you have read the book I get the impression that they split the text down a fairly obvious half-way point, which I won’t elaborate on so as not to spoil anything for those who haven’t.
  2. Both films will be in 3D!  One of the eight available videos actually details this by explaining what kind of cameras the crew has been using and what the end effects will be like and I think it will actually be stunning.  Just imagine all those beautiful vistas in the LOTR trilogy in 3D.  I think it will be fantastic.

Check the eight installments out if you are interested.  Just don’t make my mistake and get started on them ten minutes before you want to go to bed.

Also, the official trailer for the first film



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