every time…

Pretty much twice per year without fail, once in the spring and once in the late summer, I get sick.  It lasts a few days, does not get better or worse, and then inevitably someone around me will say something about how their seasonal allergies have been acting up and a light bulb magically turns on above my head.  [And on the inside I give myself a face palm].

How do I forget every single year, going on something like five or seven years, that I am affected by seasonal allergies?  Maybe it is because they never get too severe and never tend to stay for too long.  I am super sensitive to antihistamines so I can’t take any of the over-the-counter medication and that is actually ok because I tend to get by without them just fine.  Despite the fact that I still will have a headache, sinus pressure, lots of sneezing, and overall fuzzy head feeling for about a week or so.  It isn’t fun but it is manageable.

So scratch my post from earlier this week about being sick.  I am pretty sure I am just reacting to my good ol’ friend ragweed busting out on the scene.  I think The Weather Network agrees.  That or this Cladosporium business.  Either way, I hope it passes pretty soon.





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