this should be interesting

Last week was a bit of a crazy one for me.  I was out every night from Tuesday to Saturday and although I was having a blast I ended up really neglecting my body, mostly through lack of sleep and overindulgence of alcohol…always seems like such a good idea at the time.  Anyway, this morning rolls around and I wake up sick.  Hopefully nothing too serious, so far just feels like a run of the mill cold, but after my crazy sickness last year that started in October and basically stuck around consistently to the end of February (with a lovely long bout of fairly serious pneumonia in the mix) this is perhaps a great reminder on my body’s part to get my immune system in gear prior to the upcoming cold and flu season.

Yesterday I had already started to feel like I may have been coming down with something and was actually somewhat excited by the prospect of a lazy and homebody kind of week.  There are also a number of things I have kept meaning to do that keep being relegated to the back burner so I hope to tackle some of them in the upcoming days.  On top of that, last week a pipe from my shower sprung a leak and flooded my landlady’s apartment (she lives underneath me).  After his inspection, the plumber told me that they will have to redo the full bathroom in my unit and that this will likely take a few weeks.  So tonight my landlady and I are having a conversation about next steps as she has been out of the city for the past few days.  She had mentioned in the past that my unit needs a full renovation fairly soon and I would not be all that surprised if she decided to do it now instead of focusing on just the bathroom and leaving the rest of the apartment untouched.  So, apartment hunting might be a very real upcoming task as well *shudder*.

I will have to keep you all posted on what ends up being decided over the next few days, but either way I am in for either a temporary or permanent change in address, at least a few more days of not feeling my finest, and hopefully (fingers crossed) being productive in some neglected areas of my life.

Happy Monday!

OOOOOR maybe we can just go to New York!


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