coming attractions…

Look for these posts coming this week, or “how I still fulfil my personal goal of posting something today without really posting anything”.

  • My thoughts on cycling in the city.  It has been about two weeks since I’ve started riding my bike in TO and I have some observations to share with you fine people.
  • The Dhamma Brothers  – a documentary about introducing the 10-day Vipassana meditation course into one of the worst prisons in the US.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson – a photographer I only recently discovered who I am kind of obsessed with at the moment.
  • Update on the Rheumatoid situation – I realize I have not written about this for quite some time.
  • Getting back into yoga after the meditation course.  Definitely a different experience.
  • And maybe some incoherent ramblings about how hot it is in the city and how the weather impacts my brain and makes it work no good.

I would be more than ok to spend today like this in my front yard.


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