avenue q

This past Saturday I got to cash in one of my birthday presents from a dear friend by using the ticket she gave me to see Avenue Q at the Lower Ossington Theatre.  A note about the actual theatre space: it is pretty great!  The actual theatre is quite small and perfectly set up so that no matter where you sit you are guaranteed a good view.  Their concession stand sells popcorn, wine, beer, and non alcoholic drinks which you can take with you into the theatre.  There is something very relaxed about sitting watching a play while sipping on a drink.  This was my second visit to the space.  Back in October I went to see their staging of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which by the way, was also fabulous!

If you don’t know anything about Avenue Q  the easiest way to describe it would be to say it is the grown up version of Sesame Street.   There are human actors and muppets, just like in the children’s show, but there is also sex (yep, muppets having sex), swearing, and hilarious takes on sensitive topics like homosexuality and racism.  My friend and I agreed that all of the actors were absolutely great, many of whom, play numerous “roles” using different muppets and therefore must switch voices sometimes within the same scene.  I also cannot imagine that it is easy to not only speak in a different voice but also belt out tunes, however the cast got it all down pat.  Not only was the acting and singing great, but the amount of enthusiasm on stage from the actors was absolutely infectious, and I found myself smiling like a fool pretty much throughout the entire show.

If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend you go see it.  The show has just been extended with tickets available up until October 7th so you all have plenty of time to make it down there.  And if you go, let me know what you think!


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