what are you listening to?

I take the subway almost every day to and from work and often listen to my iPod on the journey.  So do a lot of my fellow commuters.  If you are in the same boat…er I guess I mean subway car…have you ever wondered what the people beside you are listening to?

I always thought it could be surprising to find out, especially after a friend and I, taking the subway together, realized that the crazy loud techno music we were hearing coming out of someone’s headphones was the song selection of a middle-aged woman who I would have expected to be listening to something more akin to Nora Jones and the like.

And of course there are selections I make on my iPod that I would rather keep to myself.  I feel especially sheepish listening to any sort of mainstream pop music (especially if it is from the 90s and early 2000s) and once felt somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of morning commuters knowing that I was listening to Pablo Casals cello suites at 8am.

The Stationary Groove: Toronto Subway Playlist Project is here to put some of the mystery to bed.  Meagan Perry, who is behind this idea, spent time asking people at TTC subway stops what they were listening to on their headphones, and then created playlists for each station.  You can see the subway map and the playlists here.

My station (Pape) had someone listening to Nickleback :( Pape Station! Forever unclean!


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