it has come to this

Remember how a while ago I wrote about having a new (to me) bike and how although I was apprehensive about riding it in the city I thought I would probably give it a shot this summer?

Well it has taken me until now to finally take the thing out of my apartment (my cat who has been apprehensively avoiding this “beast” since the spring is quite happy), blow up the tires, and take it out for a spin.  I used to ride my bike a lot as a kid/teenager and always really liked it, it’s just that ever since I have moved to Toronto I was/am used to riding the TTC in the city and it has never been a real issue to not have a bike.

And then this summer people got pushy (God love ’em) for me to start riding mine and it started to become a real nuisance to not have two wheels under my bum most of the time…especially on weekends.  So here goes…

I think the first trip is out to Christie Pits park tonight for a Toronto Maple Leafs baseball (let’s not get confused here people) game.  Here is a picture of me on my bike so you can spot me out on the hill.

pretty hot eh?!


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