how pinteresting

I will admit to having a slight addiction to Pinterest (wanna see my boards?  Huh?  do ya? – I hope that link will work…), but I will also proudly admit that I have tried a number of recipes that I have pinned, done some DYI projects (like a coconut-oil sugar scrub that worked in terms of making my skin smoother but almost killed me as a slided around my oily bathtub like a drunk person on roller skates), and have gathered all sorts of nifty ideas I hope to use in my home decor.

Buuuut, I will also admit that there is all sorts of weirdo stuff on there, which is why I think WTF, Pinterest? is such a great blog.  It made me laugh quite a few times the first time I checked it out.  I am especially fond of the How To Be A Fashion Blogger series.  “It’s All About Balance” is my favourite one by far – when you see all of the pictures in a row it makes you realize how silly a lot of these fashion blog photos are.  But at least it looks like they are all enjoying themselves!

Check it out!


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