an update of sorts

hello all,

sorry I have been less than consistent with posts lately.  Life is getting pretty busy.  My brother is coming into town this weekend and then I am off on my meditation retreat next Wednesday.  When I come back there is a flurry of social activity I am also starting to plan for already so it has been a bit of a whirlwind on my end.  I have somehow misplaced by “to do” list this morning (fingers crossed it’s on the kitchen table), but when I consulted it last night there are about 50 items on there I need to cross off in the duration of 5 days.

I actually realized the other day that if I want to make plans with anyone I need to scroll through my calendar and get to June 24th before I have any free time!  Yowza! I don’t think I have ever had quite so much planned in advance, although I suppose the summer time is when things get a little crazy for everyone.

I am very excited for my retreat next week and am more excited about telling all of you all about it when I return.  I feel like it will mark a very significant experience in my life and I am anticipating great things.

hope everyone is well out there


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