an unexpected guest

I was working from home yesterday afternoon and went to look outside my bedroom window when I saw a pair of little eyes looking up at me from the window ledge outside (my apartment is on the second floor of a house).  There was a little baby squirrel stuck on the ledge and could not get down.  It was scared and kept trying to climb down the wall but would freak out and climb back to the ledge where it was all pressed up against the corner.
I went to the tool shed to see if my land lady had a ladder that I could have used to prop up against the house so the squirrel would have an easy way to climb down but there was not one in there.  I didn’t know what to do.  And then I looked outside and parked at the restaurant across the street was a pick up truck with a ladder in the back.  I walked over and explained the situation to the roofer who was sitting inside the truck and he said that he would help.  We got the ladder from the back and made our way to the back of the house.  The little guy was still sitting up there and we could see it’s little head poking over the side.  We kept moving closer and I don’t know if it was because of us or because the ladder was kind of loud the squirrel decided to make a bold move and jump.  Luckily, he didn’t plunge straight down to the deck below but rather off to the side where there were some shrubs and ivy climbing up the wall.  He landed in the shrubbery and scurried away.
I felt a bit silly since I had bothered the man to bring the ladder but he seemed to be in good spirits and said he was happy to help.  And if anything, he now has a story he can tell about his day when he gets home.
Below is a picture of the squirrel – it might be hard to tell the size but he was about half the size of an adult one.  And oh so cute!

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