things i learned…

…at the Gotye show on Saturday night.

1) Gotye brings out probably the most eclectic crowd of people I have ever seen at a show.  Young, old, jock, nerd, hipster, girls, boys…there really was not one type of person dominating the crowd.

2) According to my dear friend, who was my lovely date for the night, the show’s background video projection must have come from The Flaming Lips’ garage sale…much like Peter Frampton buying his blow up pig from Pink Floyd’s garage sale :)

3) Wouter “Wally” De Backer is one talented musician and a great drummer!  As the aforementioned friend said, “he likes to hit things”.  Also, a great singer.

4) We sadly missed the opening Kimbra set but apparently she puts on a great show.  Dully noted for next time.

5) An Aussie accent is hard to understand when standing far from the stage – I think I caught about 20% of what he said…I did the math.



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