just can’t get enough

– The Postliminary – 

My dear friend played this song for me on Friday night and I just can’t stop listening to it.  He pointed out that this song is “interesting” because the singer’s vocals don’t completely match up to the rhythm of the music at some points.  For example, the vocals in the chorus come in just a tad too early.

In This is Your Brain on Music Daniel J. Levitin writes that our brains really like music that does not conform to what we expect.  So weird rhythmic patterns, breaks in the music, and things like that pique our attention and we find this interesting.  But beyond that, I think this track is just fabulous for the great vocals and the musical arrangement.  I never knew anything by Crowded House outside of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” but I think I am going to explore this band a little more now.


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