working on that humility

– The Postliminary – 

First a note about the idea of “The ‘Post’liminary”.  I decided to add in this feature as a kind of “behind the scenes” look at the post.  Some posts take me a really long time to write or are difficult to write or I debate about even posting them so I sometimes wish to convey that somewhere outside of the post itself.  I also sometimes have the “lazy” posts like images or YouTube clips and this section will be my chance to write about why I chose a certain item or anything else I feel pertains to it.  I like this partitioned idea so we shall give it a whirl and see what happens!  Not every post will have this by the way, but just some.

And now unto the first ‘Post’liminary!

What I would add to the above is that I believe a lot of kindness, generosity and love come out of caring about something more than your ego.  I guess I would call myself a “student of Buddhism” and boy do they have a lot to say about the ego!  It is kind of funny because we slowly develop our sense of self and set ego boundaries as we grow up, but we need to do this in order to then try to get rid of it.  Well not really “get rid of it”, but you just want to make sure that you are aware of this little guy and not let him be the grand circus master of your life.  (I should mention that I have a lot to say on this subject which heavily ties into why I took a break from posting and was just “doing me” for a while so there will be a lot of posts on the matter).  I cannot emphasize enough how much my worldview has changed, and has continued to change, since I started really exploring this idea.  I actually now have moments, which Eckhart Tolle has described, when I can observe myself having an emotional reaction and can just kind of be amused by it like I would be by a bratty child.  I can certainly tell you that this takes a lot less energy than becoming obsessed with some emotion or thought and not being able to let it go.  I still have a long way to go, but when I can truly experience this unattached awareness of myself it is like the sun breaking through the clouds.  Calming. Blissful.  Easy.


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