Oh hei there 5oo

So I was actually wrong with my post this week in stating that I took a break from posting 5 posts shy of 500…it was actually 2 shy of that number and so that means that yesterday’s post was the big five-oh-oh!  Wow!  I actually can’t believe that, especially considering that the bulk of those posts were daily consecutive ones!  Well done me!

This is when I put on “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang and say quietly to myself “I will” when they tell me to “celebrate good times”.  Wow, my life really is a string of Simpson’s references one after the other… But I know at least some of you out there know exactly what I am talking about.

What I also forgot to mention in my post yesterday was that I am finally going to see Gogol Bordello live!  They are by far the number one band I have been dying to see live for a long time so I am super stoked for that.  I feel like my whole little birthday week is really coming together.  The day of my glorious birth is May 23 which is a Wednesday this year.  The previous weekend is May 2-4 which is always “super fantastic fun good times”, I am sure something will occur the day of, then the following weekend I will continue to drag out my birthday celebration culminating on the 27th at the concert.  Exactly two weeks following my 30th birthday (yeeeey new decade of life!) I will be going on a 10-day meditation course (more details to follow), which will be an equally amazing way to bring in a new chapter in my life.  So much to look forward to!  Oh my!

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.



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