…and here comes Friday, Saturday would normally follow

I used to post about high school on Fridays…yet another thing I think I am going to drop for the time being although I did like the idea of theme days.  I was doing Motivational Mondays here and there as well which I hoped was a little pick me up for the week ahead for all ya’ll.  Not sure if I will do anything along those lines again.  I was toying around with the idea of graduating from high school flashbacks to university ones (see what I did there?  Huh? Huh?) but I am not sure I have all that much on that front outside of debauchery and studying.  That might get old pretty fast.  Will have to think about this idea some more.

This week has been wonderfully warm and sunny in TO so I have been trying to take full advantage of the nice weather (despite a rocky post-St. Patrick’s Day-weekend recovery on Monday).  Monday was election day in my riding and it was pretty awesome to see how many people were coming out to vote – or they were just wandering the streets close to the election centre – but either way my hood in the nice weather is super lively with tons of folks out and about.  Wednesday evening my friends and I had a picnic in Christie Pits Park which was pretty awesome.  Good friends, some food and good conversation is pretty much all I ever need.  And of course the tall boys of beer didn’t hurt either ;)

Thursday night was a night out to see The Hilltop Hoods at The Opera House.  I would suggest that if you don’t know these guys you remedy that immediately.  Yes, it’s Aussie hip hop, which may sound a bit weird but I really liked them right off the bat and they definitely put on an amazing show.  Dancing was done and also a lot of “raising the roof” and “thug-rap-in-the-air-throwing-down-beats hands” was going on.  Pretty fantastic!  Although I must say, total sausage party in that place, but that tends to be the case at hip hop shows.  As a total side note, do you guys know the female equivalent of “cock blocking”?  Apparently it is “clam jamming”!  I find that hilarious.  “Don’t clam jam me, brah!”  Although what is the female equivalent of “brah”? …and now I am just rambling.

Ok, one more random thing – I woke up with Billy Joel’s “Still Rock and Roll To Me” in my head this morning.  Not terrible, but what’s that all about brain?

Anyway, hope you all had a great week and let’s have a good weekend folks!

Hurrrah! It's the weekend!


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