…aaaaaaaand we’re back

When I put this whole little blog-writing business on hold I really didn’t know how it would manifest itself in the future. Part of me wanted to buy my own domain name, work with a web designer and really have a go at it in a more serious way. I also wanted to come back re-focused and have better ideas about what I wanted to write about and who I was writing this to and for.

As a side note my break came just five days shy of what would have been my 500th consecutive post and although I was very tempted to stick around and post five more things before tapping out, I started to really see this as a chore and something that was slipping further and further to the backburner of my daily thoughts.

So maybe this somewhat upgraded look will be the major change for now. I don’t think I am going to be doing daily posts anymore, but I have been missing writing to you all so who knows? In the past two months or so I have been writing a lot more with a pen on paper and that has a real intimate quality to it that I will also miss if I stop, so I think my challenge will be to find the balance between this and the ol’ notebook.

I actually have A LOT to say and I think that instead of writing some huge post about what has been going on and why I decided to put a pause on this and how in some ways my life is nothing like that girl’s that posted those TV bars below a little while back…I will instead ease myself and all of you lovely selves back into this like an old man easing into a warm bath. Gently, with no sudden movements, and one little bit at a time.

Hi everyone! How’s it going?


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