Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Coffee Houses

Not sure if you guys had these at your school, but every few months (or was it only once or twice per year?) my school would hold a “coffee house” night.  We would come back to the school in the evening, drink coffee or other beverages in the cafeteria and listen to students sing, read poetry, you know, the usual “coffee house” stuff.

I remember there was a lot of Sarah McLachlan being sung around that time.  I also remember one of my friends singing an acoustic version of “Interstate Love Song” by The Stone Temple Pilots that made me absolutely fall in love with that song.  It was also at one of these events that I was introduced to the song “Romeo & Juliet” by The Dire Straits.  I actually think it may have been my friend’s older sister who sang it.  I suppose it is a bit cheesy, but I still love this song and anytime I listen to it I think back to those hard plastic chairs in my high school cafeteria and being a cheesy teenager…

Here is a great live version… (but if you want to see some true cheese…watch the original video *shudder*)


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