what’s your agenda?

As cheesy as it sounds I remember when I was going to raves back in high school there were all sorts of manifestos going around that were all about respect and love and unity and all sorts of other “gee whiz” stuff.  And while a lot of that attitude was maybe not completely sincere, there were some people I met along the way who truly believed in all of it and lived their lives according to their own positive mandates and agreements.

I don’t have a personal manifesto for what I stand for.  I mean, I do, but not in a physical list.  It does not get challenged very often, but when it does I do sometimes find it hard to stick to my guns.  I also sometimes find it hard to be the person I want to be and act how I want to act when I feel under the threat, or more accurately when my ego does.  Sometimes we all get a little defensive and insecure and act in ways that don’t really align with our core beliefs about how we should, or want to, behave.  When that happens, just the recognition of the discrepancy is a great step and I have to give credit to myself for that alone.  And each time we falter it is just another opportunity to recommit and learn and move on.

So since it is a Monday and I often try to post something on this day to set the tone for the week ahead, let’s all try to be conscious of our actions and behaviors this week and really question those that don’t align with the “perfect version” of us that we are striving to become.

here is some related throw back music!

Point one: No bitin’
Point two: I’m writin’
Point three: You ain’t and
Point four’s point four
Point five: Recognize
Point six: Make adjustments
Point seven: Is a testament
Point eight: Go on, set it now


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