woke up in a new world

Yesterday morning I woke up tired but also just amazingly happy.  Not really sure why, but it felt great.  It rarely happens that I wake up and am like “yes! i love you world!” but when it does happen it is pretty fantastic.  I had a little beat in my step all day.

You know how sometimes there are nights when you drink a little too much, but then wake up the next day and feel totally fine?  And it feels great, but it also just makes you retrace all of your steps from the prior night in order to figure out if there was some magical combination of things you did that is a miraculous “hang over preventer”?  I refer to this as “the free pass”.  Someone up there just let you have a freeby.  That is how I felt yesterday, so whoever I have to thank for that know that I am truly grateful.

Days when all feels right with the world are the best!

I felt so good in fact I had a little morning dance party to the Violent Femmes a la Angela in My So-Called Life when she wakes up and feels like she is finally over Jordan…erm…yeah that is a pretty dated reference I suppose, but I know some of you appreciate it.  Just keep in mind that my dance moves are waaaaaaaaay better and also that I know better than Angela about Jordan Catalano, you never get over him.  Sigh.  Those baby blues…


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