I’m gonna bury that horse in the ground

I am going to piggy back on yesterday’s post on resolutions, which I am not a huge fan of, but in the past few years I have picked a few words that I had hoped would set the tone for the year ahead.

I will be honest, last year there were a few and the only one I remember is grace. What I meant by that last year was to just be more realistic about expectations and to be able to handle whatever life threw at me…

[I am writing this and all of the power just went off in my house, actually the whole block…keep in mind I almost always write posts the night before and now I am working on battery power and I have an old school lap top with a crappy battery…uh oh…let’s see how far I can get]

Anyyyway…creepy…is this significant guys? No power and I am writing about the new year? Were the Mayans right? Is this just a sign of things to come?

So yeah, today I have been thinking about what words I will carry with me as the goals for the year and I have to right now think of a word for what I want to accomplish but the basic idea is that I think I, like a lot of people, think that things are happening to them and it so easy to play the victim when it comes to that mentality. If I am being honest with myself I feel like I have been doing that a lot in the past year when it comes to my health and my finances in that I keep thinking I was dealt a bad hand instead of focusing on how to play the cards I was dealt best.

I feel like this year one of my words will be ownership. Let’s own what is happening this year and never feel like we are victims and never feel like things are out of our control because things are always under our control and one of the last human freedoms that we all have is to choose our reaction and attitudes towards any given situation. If you don’t believe me just read about Viktor Frankl, the founder of humanistic psychology (my favorite stance on the human psyche) which all kind of came out of him being an inmate at a concentration camp.

Our mind is amazing and we can always see the light in the worst situations if we choose to focus on it. To feel like things are happening to us and they are beyond our control is insanity and it is no way to live. We all have the power to choose and if I was sitting around with all of you right now proposing a new year’s toast this would be it: Let’s own our lives. Let’s get back behind the wheel and take control. Let’s celebrate how much we are responsible and ultimately accountable for what happens to us.

Here’s to ownership.

The power just came back on. (my god the significance of this moment is something else)

And then I said “let there be light”…and there was. :)



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