another year…

Another Christmas behind me complete with the holding up of tradition of watching all three Lord of the Rings movies over the holidays.  My brother and I really packed them in and watched all three (extended editions, mind you) over three consecutive days.

As much as I love these movies I will be more than happy if 12 months go by without me hearing the following words: ring, Shire, Frodo, Gandalf, elf, Gollum, orc, evil…you get the idea.  This will be somewhat hard to do as I am getting super excited for The Hobbit to come out in 2012, but I think I can keep my exposure to that somewhat under control and limited.

Here is a little LOTR songs from Flight of the Conchords.  Did you know that Bret had a small speaking role in The Return of the King?  He played an elf.  Trust me, he’s in there.


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