start the car

Since I am sick I decided to have a super lazy night on Thursday that included watching a lot of stuff.  There was some episodes of Being Erica, Life and Times of Tim, and the movie Drive.  I remember when that movie came out it really exploded on Twitter and it seemed like a lot of people absolutely loved it.  I then kind of forgot about it.

Having seen it now I can say this much, I get the hype.  I also feel like I need to watch it one more time to fully absorb it.  The only word I can really use to describe this movie is atmospheric. I am not sure if that makes sense, but I just felt like the director (Nicolas Winding Refn) was really trying to set a specific tone with even the smallest scenes and it was so well accomplished through the use of the soundtrack (which is just kick ass all the way through), lighting, dialogue or lack thereof, and of course the actual cinematography.  Just beautifully shot I thought.

I also think that a lot of scenes in this movie were reminiscent of some of David Lynch’s works, specifically Mulholland Drive, again I think just the way it was shot, but also just the “vibe”.  A sense of foreboding, some creepiness, and an overall sense of suspense.  I am by no means a film buff so this could just come from some common elements my brain tied together from one film to the other, but there you have it.

Overall, a great little movie they have there.  The only negative for me was the graphic violence, but I am a sissy when it comes to stuff like that so maybe for most it wouldn’t seem that bad.  However, I definitely had to close my eyes on numerous occasions…just a warning to those who may be disturbed by that kind of stuff as well.  But in my opinion the occasional wincing/flinching and looking away is worth the rest.


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