holy ma-ca-roni

Without fail this Christmas is sneaking up on me like nobody’s business. It seems like it is still something that is far into the future, not 6 days away. Luckily, I don’t have to buy that many presents this year and I think the ones I do have to buy I can get out of the way in a few hours.

Besides that, a few more days of work and then with the way the holidays fell this year I was able to use 4 vacation days to get 12 days off in a row! Totes stoked about that! Some time in London with friends and family, some time in Toronto with some particularly fantastic people and I’ll be all ready to bid adieu to 2011 and embrace 2012 with open arms.

Now just to get through the shopping part…I am hoping to avoid the malls…we’ll see how well that works. Good luck to ya!



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