it’s official

I’m sick again.  I had a looming feeling I was heading in this direction last week but chose to ignore it, sacrificing sleep and rest for fun fun fun and look at me now.  Sore throat, stuffed up nose, headache, the works.

This is also awesome because it has coincided so well with me having to study, and tonight write, my final exam for my Humber night course.  I have been having a hard time sitting up straight for more than 30 minutes at a time let alone fully absorb information.  Tonight will be an interesting experience I am sure.

I think that my poor little immune system took a real beating when I had that virus turned pneumonia back in October/November and now is ridiculously weak and sensitive.  Picture a butterfly setting off a land mine…yep, that sensitive.

Anywhoodle, I am not here to whine about it because frankly that helps no one, but instead to reiterate what I have written about before and have known for a long time.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  For the love of God, do it!  I still find it extremely difficult to pass up on social events when I am not feeling well, but being sick for the third time this fall I am all too ready to become a shut in for the rest of the winter.  Well maybe not quite to that extreme…maybe just wearing a bio-hazard suit when on the TTC.

…and now I am going to go drink some tea and stare blankly at my text book.

if you see this on the subway over the next few months, don't worry it's just me. come say hi.


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