urban angel

I originally heard about this when I did the Ghost Walk a little while ago, but I was at St. Michael’s hospital on Tuesday morning for my regular blood tests and was reminded of this story when I was there.

(In case you need to catch up on why I get blood work done you can read my Zany Adventures Through Rheumatoid Arthritis in two parts.  Part One and Part Two.)

The “mascot” if you will of this hospital is Michael the Archangel that graces most print material for this hospital and is also captured in a marble sculpture that resides in the Cardinal Carter wing (which is conveniently the entrance I must use).  Here is a picture I took when I was there this week.

The interesting thing about this sculpture is that no one knows who sculpted it or how it came to Canada.  The nuns who originally ran the hospital found him in a store on Queen Street back in the late 1800s and he has been calling this hospital home ever since.  On the back of the sculpture is inscribed the word ‘Pietrasanta’, which means that the marble used for this sculpture came from the same quarry as the marble Michelangelo used to sculpt his ‘Pieta’ (below).  Pretty neat, eh?

And now you know something new about something in Toronto!  That’s something!


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