Barney’s Version – I just don’t get the hype

I saw the trailer for this movie awhile ago and shortly thereafter had a conversation about it with my friend who had seen the film and had also read the book, both of which she enjoyed.  I decided to read the book first and to be perfectly honest I really struggled through it, all 400+ pages of it.  It never really drew me in and at times it felt like a chore to read it.  I will admit that there were some pretty funny parts, and some touchingly sweet moments, but overall I kind of had no opinion about it.  However, I was determined to finish it before reading the film, and having done just that last week I finally watched the film on Saturday morning.


Am I crazy?  People seem to have really liked it and I again was kind of bored, maybe because I already knew what was coming.  Paul Giamatti’s acting was great as always, and the rest of the cast did a really good job as well, but again, just didn’t really draw me in.  Ah well, I guess I can’t like everything other people like.  I just feel like maybe I am missing out on some large aspect of the story or something.

I just started reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (also after people repeatedly saying they loved it), but am now wondering whether commiting to an even longer work (the copy I have has over 500 pages) was really the way to go.  I probably should have followed up with an Archie comic or somethin’.

that Archie never disappoints!


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