My friend recently got me hooked to the show Being Erica, which is filmed in Toronto (woo hoo!) and actually is SET in Toronto (double woo hoo!) and follows the life of an early-30s gal basically just figuring shit out.  I can relate.  She also has a therapist, Dr. Tom, who I am slightly in love with, and there is some time-travelling involved but it actually works and isn’t cheesy (well most of the time anyway).

My friend and I have a theory that the show is basically finito, but even if it is, it ended on a pretty good note and maybe it is better that it end now than drag on as many TV shows in North America tend to do.

Either way, one of the reasons I heart Dr. Tom is because he is just as seemingly obsessed with quotes as yours truly, and will utilize them to make a point any chance he gets.  Below is one of my new faves, from the last episode.  Get me my swooning pillow…

Love isn’t finding a perfect person.  It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.  —Sam Keen


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