well, it’s not quite a mop…

When I was still living in Belarus they started showing a dubbed over version of The Muppet Show on Sunday nights I believe.  I remember fighting sleep every week so I would be able to stay up and watch it.  I don’t think I understood most of the jokes, but c’mon Muppets are pretty captivating to a child!  I used to really love Fozzy Bear and to this day he definitely remains in my top three favorite Muppets.

how can you not love this face?

I think while the show was being televised in the USSR the real Muppet craze was happening in North America, so unfortunately I missed out on most of it.  I only saw Labyrinth for example, way after the fact, and I definitely wasn’t around for Muppet Babies.  I did however enjoy Fraggle Rock although I only remember watching it on VHS tapes my sister and I would check out of our local library. (Libraries rule!)

Dance your cares away
Worry's for another day
Let the music play
Down at Fraggle Rock

So you can imagine my excitement about seeing the new Muppet movie that just came out.  Muppets AND Jason Segel?  Sounds like a good combination!  I went to see it on Tuesday night and pretty much smiled like a little kid throughout the entire movie.  Even the ‘sad’ parts were so endearing and heartfelt you would have to have a heart of stone, sir, to not be touched.  Plus, there were all sorts of cool cameos (which I won’t spoil for you) that really added to the whole thing.

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, I think you know what it’s time to rewatch…


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