Don’t lie.  I had you at “beer!”

Someone in my office yesterday was wearing a pair of these:

Which always makes me think of this beer:

Truth be told, this is a regular staple beer of mine and I just can’t get over the cute little boots the use for taps!  Such a girl thing to say, eh?

I have recently realized that beer and me have a pretty love/hate relationship.  As in, I love it but I think it is slowly turning against me.  I have a few theories relating to why my body is not a fan of it (think yeast, gluten, etc.) but no matter how I justify it I am sorry to see it go as my drink of choice.  A choice that will of course be much harder to enforce come next summer and patio season.  So here is an homage to some of my faves…well actually I suppose it is more of an homage to my favorite beer logos.

I like the whole aesthetic of Steam Whistle, especially their old timey delivery trucks, but the main reason I really like the logo is because it always reminds me of the image I had of a cyclist in Toronto having an actual steam whistle on their bike instead of a bell.  I don’t know how the steam would be generated to operate the thing, but the visual in my mind of someone scaring the crap out of people with a loud whistle is just hilarious.  Something super steampunky about it.

The Guinness Toucan.  A classic. Not much to say here.

I think I did a post a while ago about tractors.  I just like how they look.  Beau’s also has that whole vintage thing going for them which is just so hot right now!

Cool font.  Cool packaging.  I’m on board.

Aaaaaand I have run out of beers…well that’s just sad. It’s like beer makes   brain   function  not    well   with        brain cells?



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