here it comes again…

Christmas is just around the corner which, for many of us, means tons upon tons upon tons of food.  Christmas dinners, random office chocolate and cookies, eating ice cream out of the tub at 2 in the morning…  Well that last one might just be me.

And yes, everyone feels crappy after the holidays, if for nothing else than the pure guilt of having thrown out all ideas about moderation and healthy eating, only to be replaced by the sloth mentality.  This is even worse for me when I go home to my parents place because they have this thing called a “TV” that is in front of really comfy couches, and they cook and do other stuff for me so I can just lie around all day and get caught up on all sorts of MTV reality shows.  It’s pretty good for about a day and then I feel like I am getting bed sores and getting dumber by the second. And yet, the lay-in normally continues for pretty much my entire visit.

The reason that I really need to curb all of this behaviour this year is that last year the inactivity, but I believe especially the food, wreaked all sort of havoc in my body as far as the rheumatoid is concerned.  I started to get mini flare ups around Christmas that only became more intense and prolonged up until about the second week of January.  I knew that there was a connection between what I was putting in my body and how I felt, but it wasn’t until I came back to TO and switched to all sorts of healthy food and cut out alcohol for the full month of January that I saw what a difference it made.  A world of difference, I tells ya!

So the plan this year is to prevent this from happening through a number of strategies:

  1. Control yourself woman!  Basically I need to cultivate at least a smidgen of self-control as far as food goes.  Just an ounce would be an improvement.
  2. Plan.  I am going to try to come up with some healthy recipes for food to make when I am in London and over the holiday season in general.  Russian food is not the healthiest (albeit delicious) so if I can balance it out with something akin to, but more exciting than, steamed broccoli I should be ok.
  3. Stay active.  Even if I am not going to yoga, when I am in Toronto I am forced to get out of my house and walk around at the very least.  That doesn’t really happen in London as I tend to spend most of my time there at my parents’ place sitting/lying down on the aforementioned sofa, or walking to the bus stop, sitting on the bus, getting to a pub, sitting at a pub, going home.  So this year I am going to try to be more proactive as far as physical activity is concerned and actually get out of the house and…I dunno…run around the block or something.

So I am hoping that through this trifecta of planning-aheadidness (yep, I just made that word up) I can avoid my body’s rebellion and actually survive this holiday season without any flare ups.  That would be nice!

not me dammit!


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