I may have already written about the fact that I used to play the cello for two years while I was in high school (I think there is a Flashback Friday about this floating out there), but I am not sure I have ever written about the fact that I would love to learn to play it again.  I think I need to figure out how much it would cost to rent one and then for how cheaply I could find lessons.  I assume there are lots of UofT music students looking to make some extra dough out there that would be game.

The cello truly became my favorite instrument when I learned how to actually play something on it that didn’t sound like a cat being pulled by the tail.  I probably never sounded great because I didn’t rehearse nearly enough, but I fell in love with the sound nonetheless.  I think there is also something so intimate about the instrument since you basically have to give it a big bear hug to play it and while playing it you can feel the instrument’s vibrations through your whole body.

It often serves the role of a percussion instrument within the orchestra (those parts are not so fun to play), but when it is played on its own this instrument is just amazing.  Truly beautiful and I have definitely gotten teary-eyed listening to pieces like this one.  Enjoy!


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