Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Dazed and Confused

Ok ok I probably did watch this movie before I was in high school, but I think it was sometime around Grade 10 that it started to make more sense to me.  Remember the scene when they are all hanging out on the football field after the party (posted below)?

The one quote that really stood out for me was when Pink says “All I’m saying is that if I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life – remind me to kill myself.” I remember being in high school and hearing just that from some adults, that the high school years are the best years.  I know now that is a bunch of bull plop, at least it definitely was for me.  I think some of the best years I have had in my life were at the tail end of university because they seemed to be the perfect blend of responsibility, learning, socializing and working.  I can’t see myself ever looking back on high school and being nostalgic.  And it’s not like I had a really hard time. I wasn’t bullied, I had amazing friends, I did pretty well in school, it’s just that I don’t think I was actually “me” back then.  I was shy, insecure, just uncertain about who I was as a person (which I am sure we all were) and it made for constant awkwardness and the energy-draining behaviour of having to constantly decide which parts of yourself you wanted to show and to who.  It was tiring and I would never want to feel like that again.

Although I will say that if I could go back to high school and attend a kegger at the Moon Tower I would be all over that! …although I would also have to travel back in time…  and somehow become a character in a fictitious scenario.

Ok nevermind.


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