nice mo, brah

I was so so lucky to attend an amazing little dinner party last night that was a charitable event for Movember.  It was organized through the Cabbagetown Culinary Club which is…hmmm so hard to describe.  An amazing space in someone’s home in which every Sunday great people come together to indulge in amazing food.  I had never attended an event before, but if last night was standard operating procedure I will be sure to go back!

Pretty great set up

The whole night was full of amazing people and because the host asked us to play musical chairs between courses it was great to actually meet everyone in attendance.  The whole meal was designed around Movember and cancer-prevention foods.  Absolutely wonderful food!

mussels! Keep 'em coming!

main course: tilapia with cous cous and kale

dessert...nom nom nom a bread pudding of sorts

Although the food and all of the people in attendance were great, the best part was actually meeting and talking to Adam Garone who is one of the co-founders of Movember and the CEO of the organization!  I always thought that Movember was a great idea and it was such a reaffirmation to hear him speak about the growth of the charity and his own passion for it.  Just a delightful person all around!  He definitely sympathized with my pain, and the pain of other women, who must play the “Movember or hipster?” game for a full month each year.

I thought it would be kind of cheese ball to ask to take a photo with him but I did take a photo of the crest on his jacket, which is actually the official Movember Crest!  Did not even know that it existed!  He actually pointed out that the one on his jacket last night was not quite correct and was missing a moustache that is supposed to go near the top.  Still great nonetheless!

A fantastic night for a great cause!  The month is almost over so if you have not yet made a donation, the clock she is a-ticking!

Oh and I hope I can share this with you…I am going to anyway…  Adam let us know that Morgan Spurlock (the director of Supersize Me and Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and an avid moustache sporter) is making a film about facial hair that will feature a segment about Adam and Movember!  Should be great!


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