making room for the new

Louise L. Hay, who is a favorite speaker and author of mine, said in one of her lectures that when we want to bring something into our lives we need to make the space for it before it can actually get here and fit.  She gave the simple example of making physical space in your home for physical objects by getting rid of unneeded clutter.  Instead of holding on to things that we may need at some point in the future, she suggests getting rid of them and knowing that as you do, you are not only de-cluttering your life, but are also welcoming new and exciting things.

One of my sister’s friends told her the same thing about love.  I am paraphrasing here, but my understanding of what she meant is that before you can really accept a new relationship into your life, you need to make the space for it.  Not in a physical way necessarily, but on some plain that makes sense to you.  I really like this idea.  I am not sure how exactly I can choose to practice it, but whenever I think about this I actually visualize some partition coming down in my mind that is holding an empty space that will be filled with what I desire when it comes. 

This was a real show, but I feel like there is a joke here somewhere about a single's seminar and how to make room for new relationships...

I truly think that this applies to many areas of life and can certainly be used as a good visualization of what you are trying to achieve.  I imagine I would try to do the same thing if I was looking for new work.  Create an area “over here” that sits empty while you work on filling it, so when that something comes along it can just drop in there all cozy like.

On a physical level I have two huge bags of “stuff” sitting in my room that I am about to take to the Goodwill.  On the mental, I think I just need to figure out a better way to balance my life.  I feel like I am always either booked solid with all sorts of events or meet ups with friends that I barely get any rest or time for myself, which leads me to feel like crap, or I have endless nights of nothing to do which often translate into me sitting around catching up on TV shows and reading.  Which is a great night maybe once or twice per week, but when my whole week plays out like that I can’t help but get a little depressed. Plus I think if I am home too often my cat gets disappointed with me.  I am pretty sure he walked out of the room during one such week with a “tsk tsk” under his breath.  He thinks I should be getting out more…or he just likes having the house to himself. 

In either case the one thing that always helps me balance stuff out, and one I have written about before, is yoga.  I had to stop going for about a month now because I was so sick, but I am finally on the mend so I think it’s time to get back to it.  That is one activity I definitely will make the space for!


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