girl singer crushes Part II

Tatyana Nikitina

This amazing vocalist can hardly be called a “girl” as she was born in 1945, but she definitely fits into the category of “amazing female vocalists”.  Her and her husband’s (Sergey Nikitin) recordings were a staple in my house when I was growing up so I have all sorts of nostalgia associated with a lot of their songs.  I thought that this number would be perfect, speaking of nostalgia, it’s called “When We Were Young” and it’s all about the optimism and positive world view one has when they are young and full of beans and big ideas. :)


One thought on “girl singer crushes Part II

  1. oh yeah!!! I mean, I know I grew up in the same household, but I think these two rock. There is a series of songs from whatever movie/concert this is filmed for on YouTube and although it’s a heart-wrencher, I adore watching Переведи Меня Через Майдан

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