i’m like a bee ovah ‘ere!

Is it just me or do we all go through periods of our lives where we feel really busy and almost overwhelmed with “activities” (be they social, work-related, various appointments, etc) but at the same time feel like we are not actually getting all that much accomplished?

It normally happens to me more during the summer months, but all of a sudden I feel like I am checking my calendar a few weeks in advance when trying to make plans with people.  I am not a big fan of this.  Sweatpants Olympics (for those who forgot, this is the glorious time of year when my friend and I get to our respective homes after work, don sweats and catch up on TV shows/movies, whilst texting each other about what we are watching) are just around the corner and I am simply not going to miss this glorious time of year in exchange for being out in the soon-to-be oh so cold weather, schlepping around town being “busy”. 

A few nights per week is acceptable, but I feel like all of a sudden I am using my apartment as a hotel.  Something that used to really irritate my parents when I was living at home so I can only assume is not a desirable state of affairs.  I know the dust bunnies are having the time of their lives right now just hanging out and roaming free over the hardwood floors.  My cat can plot the demise of humankind in peace in the absence of distractions (like me making him join me in my dance parties).  My hydro bill is on the decrease.  It’s not all bad.

And yet…  The sweatpants are calling…  Let’s see how long I can keep this up before I succumb to a self-imposed moratorium on being social…

what the shiiiiiiiiii---- is this?!


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