welcome to november

let’s see…what have we got to look forward this month?  Remembrance Day, Christmas-themed over-stimulation any time we enter a store, maybe the first snow, and the ever important Daylight Savings Time ending.  Even with the change in the time it still means waking up in the dark, getting into work in the dark, and leaving in the dark if you are like me and have a 9 to 5.  Well that doesn’t sound like too much fun at all…

Although, ’tis the season of Movember which means that many a man will spend the month trying to grow mustaches and many a woman will spend the month guessing in their heads whether this facial hair is for charity or just a poor attempt at being a hipster/staying warm.  Let the season begin!

if I had the ability to grow a mustache I would not be happy until I perfected the Tom Selleck. Reach for the stars guys, reach for the stars.


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