Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Moist (the band)

I am pretty sure that I really started liking this band when I was in grade 8 but I am also pretty sure that it was in Grade 9 and 10 that my total girly crush on David Usher fully materialized.  Yeah, sigh, such a girl, eh?  I am pretty sure that I saw this band live at the Western Fair (the London equivalent of the annual CNE in TO) at least 4 times.  Love ’em!  Such nostalgia…

Side note, one of the other bands that used to frequent the Western Fair was I Mother Earth (mostly back when Edwin was still the singer).  I obviously had a crush back then on him too, and wouldn’t you know it, he came into the restaurant I sometimes work at in TO a few months ago, sat across from the kitchen and had himself a nice bowl of soup and a Corona. The 16 year-old inside me was kind of freaking out, I won’t lie…





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