is it too late to become a rock star?

But seriously, is it?  One of my day dreams is that I wish I had a great singing voice and could really belt them out, belt them out and sound good.  I suppose I could try singing lessons and see what happens, but I kind of wish I could take the lazy route with this one and just wake up one day and be all like “la la la la la la, I am going to get a record contract now and be famous”.

To be honest, it’s not even about fame.  I think being famous like a rock star or a movie star seems like a total nightmare (especially the part about sleeping on a pile of money with many beautiful ladies – yick!).  I think being a singer and performing would just be really fun, and I think that all of us have at some point wondered what it would be like to step unto a stage and have hundreds, or even thousands, of people cheer for us.  Well I know I have anyway and I bet it would feel pretty good.

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about this recently was because in my true fashion I have yet again “discovered” a band that has been ridiculously famous for a long time, but they are new to me and Florence Welch is most certainly my new girl vocalist crush!




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